Update Python devDependencies - non-major

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
black (changelog) ==23.1.0 -> ==23.3.0 age adoption passing confidence
parameterized ==0.8.1 -> ==0.9.0 age adoption passing confidence
pylint (changelog) ==2.17.0 -> ==2.17.1 age adoption passing confidence
pyright ==1.1.299 -> ==1.1.301 age adoption passing confidence
types-PyYAML (changelog) -> age adoption passing confidence
types-PyYAML (changelog) == -> == age adoption passing confidence
types-python-dateutil (changelog) -> age adoption passing confidence
types-python-dateutil (changelog) == -> == age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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This release fixes a longstanding confusing behavior in Black's GitHub action, where the version of the action did not determine the version of Black being run (issue #​3382). In addition, there is a small bug fix around imports and a number of improvements to the preview style.

Please try out the preview style with black --preview and tell us your feedback. All changes in the preview style are expected to become part of Black's stable style in January 2024.

Stable style
  • Import lines with # fmt: skip and # fmt: off no longer have an extra blank line added when they are right after another import line (#​3610)
Preview style
  • Add trailing commas to collection literals even if there's a comment after the last entry (#​3393)
  • async def, async for, and async with statements are now formatted consistently compared to their non-async version. (#​3609)
  • with statements that contain two context managers will be consistently wrapped in parentheses (#​3589)
  • Let string splitters respect East Asian Width (#​3445)
  • Now long string literals can be split after East Asian commas and periods ( U+3001 IDEOGRAPHIC COMMA, U+3002 IDEOGRAPHIC FULL STOP, & U+FF0C FULLWIDTH COMMA) besides before spaces (#​3445)
  • For stubs, enforce one blank line after a nested class with a body other than just ... (#​3564)
  • Improve handling of multiline strings by changing line split behavior (#​1879)
  • Added support for formatting files with invalid type comments (#​3594)
  • Update GitHub Action to use the version of Black equivalent to action's version if version input is not specified (#​3543)
  • Fix missing Python binary path in autoload script for vim (#​3508)
  • Document that only the most recent release is supported for security issues; vulnerabilities should be reported through Tidelift (#​3612)


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False Positives Fixed

  • Adds asyncSetUp to the default defining-attr-methods list to silence attribute-defined-outside-init warning when using unittest.IsolatedAsyncioTestCase.

    Refs #​8403

Other Bug Fixes

  • --clear-cache-post-run now also clears LRU caches for pylint utilities holding references to AST nodes.

    Closes #​8361

  • Fix a crash when TYPE_CHECKING is used without importing it.

    Closes #​8434

  • Fix a regression of preferred-modules where a partial match was used instead of the required full match.

    Closes #​8453

Internal Changes

  • The following utilities are deprecated in favor of the more robust in_type_checking_block and will be removed in pylint 3.0:

    • is_node_in_guarded_import_block
    • is_node_in_typing_guarded_import_block
    • is_typing_guard

    is_sys_guard is still available, which was part of is_node_in_guarded_import_block.

    Refs #​8433



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