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Fix weird grammar choice

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......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@
"reverb-pref-email-frequency-never": "Do not send me any email notifications",
"reverb-pref-email-frequency-immediately": "Individual notifications as they come in",
"prefs-email-user-notification": "User Email Notifications",
"user-interest-email-user": "Receive a Notification when you are sent a User Emails",
"user-interest-email-user": "Receive a notification when you are sent an email from a user",
"reverb-pref-title-article-edit-watch": "Watched Article Edited",
"reverb-pref-title-article-edit-revert": "Article Edit Reverted",
"reverb-pref-title-article-edit-thanks": "Article Editing Milestone",
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