Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v1.3.1
    9db1e535 · Update logging API. ·
    Release v1.3.1
    • Fix logging to use newer API.
  • v1.3.0
    640a89ab · Remove derp. ·
    Release v1.3.0
    • Updated to newer database atomic section API. This requires MediaWiki 1.31 or higher.
  • v1.2.0
    858b3d55 · Update changes. ·
    Release v1.2.0
    • Switched to extension registration only.
    • Various E_NOTICE fixes and PHP 7.0+ compatibility fixes.
    • Fixed CSS and JS not loading for Extension:MobileFrontend.
  • v1.1.5
    9b006a24 · 1.1.5 ·
    Release v1.1.5
    • Fixed an incorrect call to makeErrorBox().
    • Fixed checking titles for existence that in some cases would fail with a fatal error.
    • Fixed central repositories trying to work through a ForeignDBRepo when SpriteSheet only supports ForeignAPIRepo.
  • v1.1.4
    750a61cd · Change log. ·
    Release v1.1.4
    • Fixed MediaWiki 1.26+ compatibility.
      • Removed jQuery dependency in resource loader module
      • Added formatversion=2 to all API calls due to a dumb change in MediaWiki's core API.
    • Added extension registration entry point.
    • Fixed saving a new named sprite when the sheet did not exist yet in the database.
  • v1.1.3
    81289ffc · Version and changes. ·
    Release v1.1.3

    Bug Fix

    • Fixes errors with the sprite sheet changes log that was displaying the edited message template on new sprite sheets.
  • v1.1.2
    f4dd6eed · Version update. ·
    Release v1.1.2
    • Fixes resize parameter being broken with named sprites and slices.
    • Fixes an issue with calculating the size of an object in Javascript.
  • v1.1.1
    39012189 · Documentation fix up. ·
    Release v1.1.1

    Bug Fixes

    • The very first sprite/slice created on a Sheet will not be listed in the show sprite/slice list and requires a page refresh.
    • Saving a sprite/slice that has been previously deleted results in it not updating the deleted status.
    • The log formatter for sprite names would attempt to use valid, but nonexistent sprite sheets resulting in a fatal error.
  • v1.1.0
    Release v1.1.0
    • This version is not backwards compatible with previous versions.
    • The SpriteSheet Editor is now hidden by default to reduce the number of curious edits. Wiki editors are cats.
    • Spritesheets no longer automatically saved. The save button is disabled by default and will be activated when changes are made. A visual indicator has been added when changes are pending.
    • Will now respect page protection on images when editing sprite sheets.
    • Parser tags were changed to a "parameter=option" format. This is to prevent feature creep from destroying the tag format and consistency. It also allows for easier templating.
    • The "thumbnail" parameter has been renamed to "resize". It now controls the direct size of the sprite output instead of the overall image itself. This is a more natural thought process when handling the output.
    • Better parameter validation and error handling.
    • New "link" parameter to have the sprite link to a page or external URL.
    • Complete revisioning with the ability to roll back spritesheets, sprites, and slices.
    • Spritesheets can now display an overlayed visual difference between revisions.
    • Logging has been standardized and improved in relation to the revisioning feature.
    • Fixes for CSS selector tagetting.
    • Fixed an issue with remote spritesheets that prevented caching correctly.
  • v1.0.1   Tagging as release v1.0.1.
    c4aa9315 · Version update. ·
  • v1.0.0   Tagging as release 1.0.0.
  • v0.9.0   Tagging as 0.9.0 beta.
    31c107c8 · Set beta version. ·