Commit 7bc35a49 authored by Alexia's avatar Alexia

Revert "Hack to link HTML object to the wiki file page of the PDF file"

This reverts commit 447e7672.
parent 76eae08d
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ class PDFEmbed {
* @return string HTML object.
static private function embed(File $file, $width, $height) {
return "<a href='/wiki/File:".$file->getName()."' title='File:".$file->getName()."' style='display: inline-block'><object width='{$width}' height='{$height}' data='".$file->getFullUrl()."' type='application/pdf' style='pointer-events: none'>".wfMessage('pdf_not_supported', $file->getFullUrl(), $file->getName())->plain()."</object></a>";
return "<object width='{$width}' height='{$height}' data='".$file->getFullUrl()."' type='application/pdf'>".wfMessage('pdf_not_supported', $file->getFullUrl(), $file->getName())->plain()."</object>";
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