Commit a704e71e authored by hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum

vhd: add some colors

parent 5b0126b4
......@@ -6,29 +6,39 @@
from argparse import ArgumentParser, FileType
import sys
import termcolor
except ImportError:
def styled(s, *args, **kwargs):
return s
def styled(s, *args, **kwargs):
if sys.stdout.isatty():
s = termcolor.colored(s, *args, **kwargs)
return s
'\n': r'\n',
'\t': r'\t',
'\r': r'\r',
'\f': r'\f',
'\b': r'\b',
'\a': r'\a',
'\v': r'\v',
'\x00': r'\0',
' ': 'sp',
'\n': styled(r'\n', 'green'),
'\t': styled(r'\t', 'green'),
'\r': styled(r'\r', 'green'),
'\f': styled(r'\f', 'green'),
'\b': styled(r'\b', 'green'),
'\a': styled(r'\a', 'green'),
'\v': styled(r'\v', 'green'),
'\x00': styled(r'\0', attrs=['reverse']),
' ': styled('sp', 'green'),
def transform(b):
char = chr(b)
if char in REPLACES:
return f' {REPLACES[char]}'
return f'{REPLACES[char]}'
elif 0x20 < b < 0x7f:
return f' {char} '
return f'{char} '
return f' {b:02x}'
return f"{styled(f'{b:02X}', attrs=['reverse'])}"
def print_line(line):
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