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README: add missing programs

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......@@ -10,10 +10,12 @@ This repository hosts various small personal tools.
* cppasciitree: an example of how to hardcode a tree with source code looking like the actual tree
* crc: basic CRC computation tool
* ffmcut: ffmcut: ffmpeg wrapper to cut a video between 2 timestamps
* flatten-json: flatten a deep json tree in a single json or reverse operation
* fonts2png: render TTF fonts samples to image files
* gen-indexhtml: create an index.html listing all files in dir
* git: misc git utilities
* group-files-by-mtime: take files in a dir and move them to folders for each last modification time
* headset-bluez: enable a bluetooth headset and out or in/out mode
* hexgen: generate data from an hex dump
* hibp: check if a password has been leaked on "Have I Been Pwned?" site (by checking hash prefix)
* httpshare: share a directory via HTTP, like Python "http.server" but supports "Range" headers
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