Commit 756dcac1 authored by Anthony Kleine's avatar Anthony Kleine

Corrected myself on how fanMask works

parent ea8cd675
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......@@ -178,8 +178,12 @@ public class InteriorBuilder
short lightCount = 0;
byte surfaceFlags = 16;
//int fanMask = 15;
// ideally, the number 255 would handle all cases, but that would write as -1 in Java. Can't have it.
int fanMask = 127;
// The fanMask gets AND'd in order to determine how many vertices to use for collision, and in a triangle all three are important.
// We don't want to let in more than three, so this number should be 0111.
// E.g. 1111 means we're working with a rectangle so use four vertices
// 0111 means we're working with a triangle so set it to use three vertices
// 00011111 means we're working with a pentagon so let in 5 vertices
int fanMask = 17;
int lightStateInfoStart = 0;
int mapOffsetX = 0;
int mapOffsetY = 0;
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