Commit a5edfe12 authored by Nick Ham's avatar Nick Ham

updated for v2.0

parent 2d4eee98
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contentDir 'content/'
contentExt '.content'
outputDir 'site/'
outputExt '.html'
scriptExt '.py'
defaultTemplate 'template/page.template'
backupScripts 1
buildThreads -1
unixTextEditor nano
winTextEditor notepad
rootBranch master
outputBranch master
00:03:41 Thursday October 03 2019
01:01:15 Sunday January 05 2020
contentDir content/
contentExt .content
siteDir site/
pageExt .html
defaultTemplate template/page.template
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
<body class="is-preload">
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