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chore(release): 2.16.0

# [2.16.0](v2.15.0...v2.16.0) (2020-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* **cli:** fix typo when using `--init` with vuejs ([6eee4787](6eee4787))
* **dom:** `querySelector` and friends return empty when selector is empty ([6a871de7](6a871de7))
* **schema:** add title and description to most properties ([a7cea78e](a7cea78e))
* **schema:** handle `$schema` in config and elements ([a4f90541](a4f90541))
* add missing `jest.js` and `jest.d.ts` ([8b767c20](8b767c20))

### Features

* add import `html-validate/jest` as a shortcut  to the jest matchers ([4ccf6ed6](4ccf6ed6))
* expose `NodeClosed`, `TextNode`, `Plugin` and `Parser` ([f3445274](f3445274))
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