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This is a webproxy script written in PHP by Hugo Leisink <>.
Firetable is a tool written in PHP to maintain IPtables firewalls under Linux. Firetable has been written by Hugo Leisink <>.
- Copy all files to a suitable location.
- Rewrite *all* requests to index.php.
- Make this proxy available via both HTTP and HTTPS.
- Add a wildcard to the hostname you use for this proxy website and use it
as an alias in your webserver configuration. For example, if you choose as the hostname for this proxy, make *
an alias for it.
To install Firetable, run 'make install'. This will install the Firetable script in /usr/sbin and the Firetable configuration in /etc/firetable. Use the DESTDIR parameter to install Firetable in a different location. In that case, also change the CONFIG_DIR setting inside the Firetable script.
To create a Firetable Debian package, execute the script 'extra/make_debian_package'.
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