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startdate: 2019-11-30
starttime: "21:00"
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linktitle: "Hash#hasH:Algorave"
title: "Hash#hasH"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "Live-music/coding visuals"
# hash#hash Algorave
Hash#hash is a new series of live-coding nights. We're taking off
with an algorave at the Hackerspace near Gare du Midi, Brussels. Live-coding sometimes referred to as conversational programming, is the act of writing code live, as a performance. An
algorave (from an algorithm and rave) is an event where people
dance to music generated from algorithms, often using live coding.
# Line up
- dagobert sondervan
- exoterrism
- Leaky Abstraction
- Julien Bloit
- Bunex
- hogobogobogo && gibby-dj
# Practical information
Dress warm!
How to get to Hackerspace Brussels: 15 minutes from Brussels-Midi by foot
Metro: Brussels-Midi – Bus: 78 Deux Gares – Tram 81: Cureghem
# ln -s
- facebook:
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