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merda elletronica workshop

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startdate: 2019-03-31
starttime: "14:00"
endtime: "23:00"
linktitle: "Flash desoldering, dumping and JTAGenum"
title: "Flash desoldering, dumping and JTAGenum workshop"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "hardware and software workshop"
price: "Free"
image: "flash_dump_example.jpg"
aliases: [events/flash_desoldering_dumping_jtagenum_workshop]
The workshop consists of the construction of a Delay effect circuit based on the classic PT2399
chip that many Delay commercial pedals use. The circuit has two potentiometers with which we
manage the time and feedback of the FX, they allow us to use the delay in a more conventional way
but also to take it to noisier terrain. In the workshop we will carry out the pcb with homemade
printing technique and chemical attack (oxygenated water + salfuman) and prepare it. The circuit
will be assembled in a box to the liking of the participants and we will end the workshop by playing
the FX a bit and exploring its expressive possibilities within a jam of collective improvisation or
exploring more installation formats.
Registration 40 eu. (Includes complete kit with all materials). Bring soldering iron, tin, and
container to locate the circuit. No technical knowledge is required to carry out the workshop
successfully. Suitable for all
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