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......@@ -42,12 +42,12 @@ Pixels are listed as x. (100 pixels = 100x)
If that image needs to link to something, use the link attribute.
{{< image src="images/foobar.jpg" link="images/foobar.jpg" >}}
{{< image src="images/foobar.jpg" link="" >}}
Example, an image rescaled to 100 pixels width, linking to the original image.
{{< image src="images/foobar.jpg" width="200x" link="images/foobar.jpg" >}}
{{< image src="images/foobar.jpg" width="100x" link="images/foobar.jpg" >}}
In all examples above, the foobar.jpg image is placed in a directory within that event or project folder, named 'images'.
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