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eventid: FablabFriday001
startdate: 2019-08-02
starttime: "19:00"
linktitle: "FablabFriday001"
title: "FablabFriday001"
price: ""
image: "Fab_Lab_logo.png"
series: "FablabFridays"
eventtype: "Social get-together"
location: "HSBXL"
Every first Friday of the moth we are having a evening dedicated to building stuff
have you always wanted to learn how to work with the CNC machine
Do you have a project or an item you would like to lasercut a box for?
would you like to design a widget and print in on the 3d Printer?
just drop on by!
linktitle: "fablab Fridays"
title: "fablab Fridays"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: ""
price: "Free"
aliases: [/fablabFriday/]
series: "FablabFriday"
start: "true"
Every first Friday of the month we are having a day dedicated to building stuff
## Upcoming FablabFridays
{{< events when="upcoming" series="FablabFridays" >}}
## Past FablabFridays
{{< events when="past" series="FablabFridays" >}}
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