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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "Chiptuning workshop"
price: "€40 for the complete kit"
image: "delay_workshop.jpg"
series: merda_elettronica
# Attack Delay Workshop
linktitle: "Merda Elettronica"
title: "Merda Elettronica"
amorfous collective of electronic's loud
freaks & DIY punk trouble makers,
spreading circuit bending, noises,
electronic abuses and hacking attitude
around the globe.
## Upcoming Merda Elettronica events
{{< events when="upcoming" series="merda_elettronica" >}}
## Past Merda Elettronica events
{{< events when="past" series="merda_elettronica" >}}
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