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WORK IN PROGRESS - started to document the FreeRADIUS/SpaceFED project

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title: "Network/RADIUS"
linktitle: "Network/RADIUS"
date: 2018-11-06T22:08:31+01:00
state: running
maintainer: "askarel"
This article describe HSBXL RADIUS server setup.
We will be using FreeRADIUS 3.0.
# Wanted features
* RADIUS authentication on switches
* 802.1x authentication on access points
* Roaming (SpaceFED/EduRoam)
* LDAP user backend
* Dynamic VLAN assignment
* RADIUS authentication on wiki (later)
# LDAP setup
We need a back-end that contains a list of users with their passwords. You can choose to use the file /etc/freeradius/3.0/users instead of a full LDAP installation for small configurations (1-3 users), but you will feel the administrative pain very quickly. Do yourself a favour and save yourself from unneeded pain: use LDAP.
# Clients
The clients are the devices that will contact the RADIUS server for authentication. Clients can be any of the following:
* a switch
* a firewall
* an access point
* an application (web applications included)
* another RADIUS server acting as a proxy (think spaceFED)
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