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Our monthly CoreMeeting. Discussing main issues like the bookkeeping.
# next coremeeting
change the recurring date to 2nd saturday of each month?
Will have less collision with other events (like byteweek, bytenight, newyear, etc)
# rent for month december issue
resolved. we got a letter telling the december payment will be used as payment for february.
# financial overview
- paying members Dec (at least €15): 27
- paying members Jan (at least €15): 26
- paying members Feb (at least €15): 27
- income membership fee Dec: ?
- income membership fee Jan: ?
- income membership fee Feb: ?
# Update membership page
Betz updated the membership page on our website rephrasing membership fee, like agreed on coremeeting #13.
The page is not live yet, needs proofreading and acceptance.
# warranty rue manchester
- we need to contact Abel Falise
# kbc account
- Betz stopped the Account there
# membership fee
8 we keep it as is
# rodents
- We stilll find proof of these (they get caught
- We bait the traps with peanut butter, please refill as needed
# club mate
- Betz had a contact ... No further information
# metal ash bin
- one or 2 where ordered they have not arived yet
# possible asbestos in the space. what info is there ?
- Betz ordered a test, we are waiting for the results
# Kitchen hygiene
- Fred knows where to get a metal box, and will get one
- Wouter Will ask Anita to make some signage about keeping it clean.
- This is a serious health issue
# Mailbox and numbering scheme
- Wouter will ask Gerd what would be best for the postman
# "open house" event for the entire building
- open the gates festival
- 3 & 4 may
- there will come a cafe on the Yard (hopefully permamenetly) so the gate can remain opne whenever the cafe is open.
- the door next to the gate will probably soon be accessible as a "site entrance".
# General assembly in few weeks (30th of march)
- agenda?
- the new space
- relations with neighbours
- invites need to be send. Only members, or public but only members can vote?
- A GA is Members only, if we want to change it we should change it at the GA
# cleanup day
- what happend with the construction trash?
- we should schedule one, lets ask people on tuesday if and when they can come to help out.
# finances
we have 4761 euros in the bank
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