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# What is Aquaponics
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Aquaponics (pronunciation: /ˈækwəˈpɒnɨks/), or pisciponics, is a
sustainable food production system that combines conventional
aquaculture, (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or
prawns in tanks), with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a
symbiotic environment. In aquaculture, effluents accumulate in the
water, increasing toxicity for the fish. This water is led to a
hydroponic system where the by-products from the aquaculture are broken
down by nitrogen fixing bacteria, then filtered out by the plants as
nutrients, after which the cleaned water is recirculated back to the
animals. As existing hydroponic and aquaculture farming techniques form
the basis for all aquaponics systems, the size, complexity, and types of
foods grown in an aquaponics system can vary as much as any system found
in either distinct farming discipline. (From
Picture from
# Goals
- Cultivate vegetables and fruit all year long.
- Work out good fish feed program and how to make your own fish food.
- Make a automatic fish feeder.
- Build a command and control center.
# Fish
For the moment we have about 10 small guppies and 10 goldfish.
# Command and Control
For absolute awesome-sauce, we automate the whole aquaponics process.
Many things are monitored, and we have one command and control center
that manages everything.
See [1]( for more
info on this.
# Stuff to take into account
## Energy consumption
- Water flow pump (for circuit between fish tank and filter tank).
- Water flow pump (for circuit between filter tank and NFT system).
- Germinator, runs 5 minutes each 2 hours to keep the germs humid.
- Light fishtank.
- Light NFT system.
- Running Raspberry Pi for continuous measurement of water level,
temperature, ph, etc.
# Maintaining a healthy aquaponics setup
## Nutrients
### Nitrogen
{{\#ev:youtube|o8n8h2ljrP8|250|auto|Aquaponic Plant Nutrients:
### Phosphorus
{{\#ev:youtube|Hy9J14i3LzU|250|auto|Aquaponic Plant Nutrients:
### Potassium
{{\#ev:youtube|4XwrpIrz8tQ|250|auto|Aquaponic Plant Nutrients: Potassium
(Part 1)}} {{\#ev:youtube|w322SbyOqfU|250|auto|Aquaponic Plant
Nutrients: Potassium (Part 2)}}
{{\#ev:youtube|aGi28b5u9DI|250|auto|Aquaponic Plant Nutrients: Potassium
(Part 3)}} {{\#ev:youtube|Cgu7uOWTbJw|250|auto|Aquaponic Plant
Nutrients: Potassium (Part 4)}}
### Calcium
{{\#ev:youtube|GGcxyTKTl5U|250|auto|Aquaponic Plant Nutrients: Calcium}}
# Aquaponics project at
# Other Aquaponics projects
## Aquaponics at Mediamatic
See <>
## Aquaponics at
By Valentijn, Lotte & Stijn.
See <>
# Research materials
- [Aquaponics on](
- [Aquaponics on](
- \[<>: Composting, the Jean
Pain method\]
- [Open source ecology: A stirling
- [Youtube aquaponics
- [Noisebridge Bioboard wiki
- [Long-day control of flowering in everbearing
- [The effect of red and blue light component on the growth and
development of frigo
- [Microbial solar cells: applying photosynthetic and
electrochemically active
- <>
- <>
- <>
- <>
- <>
- <>
# get in touch
- <>
- <>
- <>
- <>
# Photo gallery
{{< gallery "images" >}}
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