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# About
Let’s kick off the Brussels Kubernetes Meetup with some awesome talks from experts in the field.
Let’s kick off Fosdem with some interesting Kubernetes talks!
# Agenda:
Talk 1: “Running MySQL on Kubernetes: comparison of the Oracle, MariaDB, Presslabs, and Percona solutions” (Mykola Marzhan, Tech Lead at Percona, one of the authors of the Percona Operator)
Running databases in Kubernetes attracts a lot of attention today. Orсhestration of MySQL on Kubernetes is no way a straightforward process. There are several good MySQL based solutions in the open source world, made by Oracle, MariaDB, Presslabs, and Percona. Having common base, they differ in self-healing capabilities, multimaster and backup/restore support, etc. So let’s make a fair comparison to figure out the pros and cons of their current state.
Other talks TBC.
Feel free to do a proposal and send an email to [email protected]
# Registration
Meetup link to follow...
# Food
Food sponsored by ...
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