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startdate: 2020-01-24
starttime: "19:00"
enddate: 2020-02-01
#endtime: "05h"
allday: true
linktitle: "ByteWeek 2020"
title: "Byteweek 2020"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "Eight bits of awesomeness"
price: ""
image: "byteweek.png"
series: "byteweek2020"
start: "true"
aliases: [/byteweek]
The week before Fosdem conference, HSBXL compiles ByteWeek.
Eight 'Bitdays' of hackatons, workshops and talks.
We end our week with the notorious [Bytenight](/bytenight)!
# Friday January 25th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-24" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Saturday January 26th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-25" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Sunday January 27th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-26" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Monday January 28th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-27" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Tuesday January 29th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-28" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Wednesday January 30th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-29" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Thursday January 31th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-30" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Friday February 1st
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-31" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Saturday February 2nd
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-02-01" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Call for participation
If you want to do a talk, a workshop or have a hackaton,
send a mail to **** with your proposal.
startdate: 2020-02-01
starttime: "18:00"
linktitle: "Bytenight"
title: "Bytenight 2020"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "Thé dansant"
price: ""
image: "bytenight.png"
series: "byteweek2020"
aliases: [/bytenight/]
As an after-party to the big FOSDEM Free Software conference in Brussels,
the oldest Hackerspace in town organises its annual free party.
# Music
- Weird music for weird people.
To be defined, see the [2019](/events/byteweek/2019/bytenight) lineup.
Do you want to perform on bytenight? send a mail to
# Unsupported, deprecated versions
- [Bytenight v2019](/events/byteweek/2019/bytenight)
- [Bytenight v2018](
- [Bytenight v2017](
- [Bytenight v2016](
- [Bytenight v2015](
- [Bytenight v2014](
- [Bytenight v2013](
- [Bytenight v2012](
- [Bytenight v2011](
- [Bytenight v2010](
# Organizing
Notes can be found on
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