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startdate: 2020-02-01
starttime: "18:00"
linktitle: "Bytenight"
title: "Bytenight 2020"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "Thé dansant"
price: ""
image: "bytenight.png"
series: "byteweek2020"
aliases: [/bytenight/]
As an after-party to the big FOSDEM Free Software conference in Brussels,
the oldest Hackerspace in town organises its annual free party.
# Version 11 (0xb)
(space to be filles in)
# Music
Weird music for weird people.
(TODO: call for DJs)
# Unsupported, deprecated versions
- [Bytenight v2019](
- [Bytenight v2018](
- [Bytenight v2017](
- [Bytenight v2016](
- [Bytenight v2015](
- [Bytenight v2014](
- [Bytenight v2013](
- [Bytenight v2012](
- [Bytenight v2011](
- [Bytenight v2010](
# Organizing
Notes can be found on
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