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Using GNU Radio for Analog and Digital Communications
The way we send information, whether voice, text, images, or video, has
been evolving since Samuel Morse’s telegraph in 1836. As these systems
become more advanced the standard electronics tools and knowledge which
have been the engineer's standard toolkit must be accompanied by
software components. Together the analog, digital, and software are used
to enable the modern communications modes such as Digital Video
Broadcast (DVB), JT65 for Amateur Radio moonbounce, FreeDV which has
brought digital voice to the HF bands, and the wide variety of other new
and exciting protocols.
GNU Radio ( is a free, graphical, software development
toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement
software-defined radios and signal-processing systems. It can be used
with external RF hardware to create software-defined radios, or without
hardware in a simulation environment. This workshop introduces the
software, demonstrates assembling complete transmit and receive systems,
and shows a few examples of advanced applications.
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