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- Updated coronavirus status

- New event: Piggyback Ride
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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ EnableGitInfo: true
# Alert box on top of each page
alert_text: "Due to CoronaVirus, the Hackerspace will re-open on 2020-05-18. Access will be members-only until further notice. Capacity is limited to maximum 8 persons."
alert_text: "The hackerspace is now open for all visitors. Please keep 1,5m distance between each others. Wearing a mask is not required, but feel free to if you think you need it. Please wash your hands regularly. Hakerspace will be open until 1:00 MAX. Capacity is limited to 10 persons."
alert_link: ""
# URL that should be the base of the 'edit this page' link
startdate: 2020-06-15
starttime: "9:00"
enddate: 2020-06-19
endtime: "17:00"
allday: true
linktitle: "Piggyback Ride 1"
title: "Piggyback Ride 1"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "People following a paid training"
price: ""
image: "runningpig.jpg"
series: "Piggyback Ride"
start: "true"
#aliases: [/piggybackride]
# What ?
Some people are using the hackerspace to follow a paid course.
Use of power/noisy tools is strongly discouraged. Please keep chatter to a minimum. No music will be played.
However, we don't mind shoulder surfing: feel free to sit behind us and follow what is being said and done.
We won't answer to questions: consider us as being at work.
A brief explaination can be done whenever possible, during breaks.
This is a new concept: some kinks need to be worked out.
# subject
In case you're interested by the subject, it will be about F5 LTM and APM. Maybe a bit of ASM
# Who ?
- Askarel
- Habifo
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