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......@@ -31,4 +31,62 @@ hardware in a simulation environment. This workshop introduces the
software, demonstrates assembling complete transmit and receive systems,
and shows a few examples of advanced applications.
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Hi all,
As the "Using GNU Radio for Analog and Digital Communications" workshop
is ... well, as it name implies, a workshop, active involvement of the
participants is expected.
To maximise the time available for the workshop, please note the
following remarks found below;
1/ Bring your laptop:
As GNU Radio is a software toolkit, you need a computer to run this
It does not need to be the latest super-top-of-range machine. Any laptop
not older then 4 to 5 years should be good enough to follow the workshop.
2/ Prepare a bootable USB flash-drive.
To allow the workshop to be focused on GNU Radio itself, and not "how do
I install it", bootable USB-drives are used. These USB drives contain a
complete ready-to-run system with all the software used during the
workshop pre-installed on it.
A link to the ISO-image and the tools to create a suitable USB
flash-drive can be found here:
Please create a USB flash-drive with that image and try it on your
laptop before-hand.
This would:
- allow us not to spend as little "workshop" time as possible on this issue
- allow you to be sure that the software runs on your laptop.
- allow you to preconfigure the software to your particular laptop (e.g.
In any case, do not forget to bring your USB flash-drive to the workshop.
If you would have any issues with this, you can purchased a USB
flash-drive with a pre-installed ISO-image at the workshop. (at cost).
However, do drop us a note beforehand so we have an idea how many
flash-drives we need to foresee.
Send a message to "kristoff (on1arf)" or "hsbxl" on the meetup attendees
page if you need a prepared USB flash-drive:
3/ Also take a look at the preparation material found here:
- Introduction to GNU Radio and Software Radio:
-Core concepts of GNU Radio:
- Tutorial: GNU Radio Companion:
Enjoy the workshop
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