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# Info
Pre-[Bytenight](/bytenight)...but smaller...
Music by 'Jonny and the Bomb': "Sound Artist", The Guardian
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It will mix attendees from HSBXL's event that day, including:
- Lua on a Stick hackathon
- ZeroMQ hackathon
- GNU Radio Hackfest
- Blockstack workshop
- Kubernetes meetup
- Visitors to FOSDEM
# Music
‘Jonny and the Bomb’: “Sound Artist”, The Guardian
# Info
See Byteweek for details on HSBXL's pre-FOSDEM events:
Dont forget Bytenight on SAT 2nd February. Now in its 10th incarnation, it is the largest social event taking place during FOSDEM:
Music by 'Jonny and the Bomb': "Sound Artist", The Guardian
# Supporting
Please support this event (and others) through promotion via our official social media pages:
- [Meetup](
- [Meetup](
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