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startdate: 2020-01-24
starttime: "19:00"
enddate: 2020-02-01
#endtime: "05h"
allday: true
linktitle: "ByteWeek 2020"
title: "Byteweek 2020"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "Eight bits of awesomeness"
price: ""
image: "byteweek.png"
series: "byteweek2020"
start: "true"
aliases: [/byteweek]
The week before Fosdem conference, HSBXL compiles ByteWeek.
Eight 'Bitdays' of hackatons, workshops and talks.
We end our week with the notorious [Bytenight](/bytenight)!
# Friday January 25th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-24" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Saturday January 26th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-25" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Sunday January 27th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-26" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Monday January 28th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-27" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Tuesday January 29th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-28" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Wednesday January 30th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-29" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Thursday January 31th
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-30" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Friday February 1st
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-01-31" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Saturday February 2nd
{{< events series="byteweek2020" when="2020-02-01" showtime="true" showallday="true" >}}
# Call for participation
If you want to do a talk, a workshop or have a hackaton,
send a mail to **** with your proposal.
startdate: 2020-02-01
starttime: "18:00"
linktitle: "Bytenight"
title: "Bytenight 2020"
location: "HSBXL"
eventtype: "Thé dansant"
price: ""
image: "bytenight.png"
series: "byteweek2020"
aliases: [/bytenight/]
As an after-party to the big FOSDEM Free Software conference in Brussels,
the oldest Hackerspace in town organises its annual free party.
# Music
- Weird music for weird people.
To be defined, see the [2019](/events/byteweek/2019/bytenight) lineup.
Do you want to perform on bytenight? send a mail to
# Unsupported, deprecated versions
- [Bytenight v2019](/events/byteweek/2019/bytenight)
- [Bytenight v2018](
- [Bytenight v2017](
- [Bytenight v2016](
- [Bytenight v2015](
- [Bytenight v2014](
- [Bytenight v2013](
- [Bytenight v2012](
- [Bytenight v2011](
- [Bytenight v2010](
# Organizing
Notes can be found on
......@@ -11,4 +11,6 @@ eventtype: "for kids age 6+"
location: "HSBXL"
Tech With Kids is a get together of kids with parents to work on projects, learn new things, play with tech.
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Tech With Kids is a get together of kids with parents to work on projects, learn new things, play with tech.
It's an informal gathering, we speak the language of the kids (Dutch, French, English, ...)
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