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startdate: 2019-01-28
starttime: "10:00"
enddate: 2019-02-01
endtime: "10h"
endtime: "18:00h"
allday: true
linktitle: "Lua on a stick"
title: "Lua on a stick"
......@@ -13,5 +13,17 @@ series: "byteweek2019"
image: "lua.gif"
More info to follow...
Call for participation: mail
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5 days of:
* Shining a spotlight on Lua's functionality
* Hacking through using Lua and affiliate toolset,
* Presenting interesting tools informally
* Learning through osmosis
* Drinking moonshine
Areas of focus (may) include:
* Parsing large XML datasets using SAX parsers
* Regular expressions and parsing
Calls for volunteering or presenting projects are most welcome
Please contact via:
* mail
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