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......@@ -19,6 +19,41 @@ _ what needs to be done ASAP after the move ?
- finances
# Meeting notes
- the move
-- we tested the elevator (it was stuck at the ground floor)
-- fred went to have a talk with a person in the building who was knowledgeable on this subject
- layout of the new space
-- bar next to the door
-- elec lab next to the new door in the back
-- laser cutter and 3D printers in the back room
-- heavy corner in the seperate room
-- club mate storage in the technical room
-- power board in the technical room
-- tables where they can fit
-- cooking stuff in the kitchen (needs to be cleaned and maybe painted)
- what needs to be done before the move ? _ what needs to be done ASAP after the move ?
-- Before the move :
--- we need to cut the door to the heavy corner AND remove the gyproc wall,
--- Vincent Olivier, stefan and Wouter will remove the gyproc wall next tuesday
-- ASPA after the move
--- installing black nights along a path to our space ( door to enter "campus" first )
--- putting up signage
-- those 4 will also have a look at cutting the door to the heavy corner
- finances
-- no laptops so we did not go into this
- keeping the space clean
-- a plan was proposed to make a system where people who leave the space a mess put money in a fund , that then goes to rewarding people who clean up.
--- this system will only use money that comes from the "bad behavior" pot.
--- rewards will have to be assigned by a 3rd person (X saw Y do the dishes , so X cerifies Y gets a "dishes" reward)
## Stuff needed at citygate
- pur plate for window next to door 4cm: 1000x1200mm
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