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A bi-monthly "Dataloss anonymous' support group.
Find closing on your data loss grief.
We help each other preventing losing data again.
As we all know, there are <a href="" target="grief">5 stages in grief</a>. Anyone who has suffered loss, knows these phases.
<li><strong>Denial</strong> - I didn't suffer any data loss, I'll for sure find some cloud that had my data...
<li><strong>Anger</strong> - It's all the fault of others! Stupid hard disk! Crappy laptop! Evil crook!
<li><strong>Bargaining</strong> - Just sent a personal mail to the NSA, please can you pull up my data? I'll do all you asked me...
<li><strong>Depression</strong> - It's all lost, you're ready to give up and never touch computers again in your life...
<li><strong>Acceptance</strong> - Accepting the pain of loss, allowing it to free up space on your hard disk to engage in new projects...
A bi-monthly "Dataloss anonymous" support group.<br>
Find closing on your data loss grief.<br>
We help each other preventing losing data again.<br>
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