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......@@ -40,10 +40,10 @@ Write down all questions we have for the citygate PM
# Progress
- [X] Choose [moving days](/events/moving)
- [X] Remove floor
- [X] Remove wall between first and second room
- [X] Close the window next to the door
- [X] Fill the airgaps above the windows
- [X] Remove [floor](images/IMG_20181120_183839.jpg)
- [X] Remove [wall between first and second room](images/IMG_20181204_180039.jpg)
- [X] Close the [window next to the door](images/IMG_0021_result.JPG)
- [X] Fill the [airgaps above the windows](images/IMG_0023_result.JPG)
- [ ] Make truck reservation
- [ ] Uninstall elevator box @ Molenbeek
- [ ] Uninstall water pipe at @ Molenbeek
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