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# Agenda
* What's happening with the rent at Entrakt?
* Newline Ghent (3-5/09)
* Software Freedom Day (18/09)
* Tech with kids
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* next week: adding content (basics)
* interest for a hackathon on tweaking/improving the site?
Feel free to add agenda points:
# Meeting notes
Meeting notes will be maintaned here:
## Extra rent - discount on rent
* A few months back, Entrakt issues a Corona discount to all members. Now Entrakt is claiming back the discount for those months.
* When lockdown ended, we started paying the full rent again (despite no mail terminating the discount was received)
* Entrakt is currently sending invoices to all tenants, reclaiming a part of the discounted rent.
* Wouter will contact Entrakt to listen on what and how.
## Newline Ghent
* When? 3-4-5 September
### Who's in?
* Jurgen (2 days)
* Fred & Anita
* Mowzes (5th) depending on quarantaine rules at that moment
## Software Freedom Day
Prepearations are ongoing.
* OpenStreetmap Belgium announced to give a talk, but did not confirm their presence or talk yet.
* 2 Cool talks on FreeCAD (101 and Python scripting) by hackerspace member Kai and Yorik
* Wouter is going to record all talks, and recordings will be made available afterwards. Day ends with an OBS workshop by Wouter
* Workshop on using Inkscape to create a small design for the laser cutter
* Jonny will give a talk too, topic is not yet confirmed.
Jurgen will reach out to the FreeCAD, OBS and Inkscape community
## Tech with kids
* Next up: kids with their projects (opening the space for kids to work on their own projects)
* (19/09): working with greenscreen, digital puppeting, stop motion video. (up to 12 kids/participants + parents) - obviously the space is open for all.
## Working on the website
Extra moment: 18:00 - basic intro to GIT (version control, underlying system behind the website).
Small introduction on how to add content to the website (Hugo) in 2 weeks (17/08). This way, everyone can add content.
Is there interest for a few sessions on tweaking/improving the site? We could learn the basics of Hugo and what an how to add/change features.
New location - status update
- Forest: there is very much work and no certainty there is a place for us. We don't think we can commit to that.
- St Gillis: this location is reserved for artists. A requirement from the city is that there are no computers there.
startdate: 2021-08-17
starttime: "18:00"
endtime: "19:00"
linktitle: "Understanding GIT and version control"
title: "Understanding GIT and version control"
price: "Free"
series: "website"
eventtype: "members"
location: "HSBXL"
GIT is typically used by developers to manage changes in programming code. Yet, there are much more ways in which GIT can be used outside of the programming world.
Wouter will give an introduction into the principles of GIT. This can be a goot preparation for the following workshop on adding content to the website (surprise: we're also using GIT there)
**Requirements:** Have [GIT]( installed on your computer.
startdate: 2021-08-17
starttime: "19:00"
endtime: "12:00"
linktitle: "Creating content on the website"
linktitle: "Creating content on the website - very basics of Hugo"
title: "Creating content on the website"
price: "Free"
series: "website"
......@@ -11,8 +10,9 @@ location: "HSBXL"
Hackerspace Brussels has a website (yes, this one!). How can you add content?
Let's walk through the details.
You'll need a gitlab account to get started (
Bring your own device.
* Let's walk through the details.
* You'll need a gitlab account to get started (
* If GIT is new to you, there's a workshop on GIT starting at 18:00 the same day.
* Bring your own device.
If there is enough interest, we will follow up with a more advanced workshop in Hugo and how to improve the website. Let's figure stuff out together!
If there is enough interest, we will follow up with a more advanced workshop in Hugo and how to improve the website. The site is based on [Hugo]( Let's figure stuff out together!
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