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title: "Hackerspace Brussels - HSBXL"
title: "馃Hackerspace Brussels - HSBXL 馃"
linktitle: "Hackerspace Brussels - HSBXL"
aliases: [/welcome]
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<h1>Hackerspace Brussels</h1>
<h1>Hackerspace Brussels 馃</h1>
<blockquote>Hackerspace Brussels (HSBXL) is a space, dedicated to various aspects of constructive & creative hacking. The space is about 300 square meters, there is a little electronics lab with over 9000 components, a library, and lots of tools. You're always welcome to follow one of the workshops or come to the <a href="/events/techtuesday/">weekly Tuesday meetings</a>, hack nights or other get-together <a href="/events">events</a>.</blockquote>
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