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startdate: 2021-09-14
starttime: "19:00"
endtime: "20:30"
linktitle: "How I made my first PCB in KiCAD"
title: "How I made my first PCB in KiCAD"
price: "Free"
series: "website"
eventtype: "members"
location: "HSBXL"
GIT is typically used by developers to manage changes in programming code. Yet, there are much more ways in which GIT can be used outside of the programming world.
Wouter will give an introduction into the principles of GIT. This can be a goot preparation for the following workshop on adding content to the website (surprise: we're also using GIT there)
**Requirements:** Have [GIT]( installed on your computer.
linktitle: "Electronics - some basic stuff"
title: "Electronics - some basic stuff"
Lots of things to be said and done about electronics. Trying to figure them out in ad hoc events...
## Upcoming events
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## Past events
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