Commit 8e1cf12a authored by Wouter Simons's avatar Wouter Simons

added small workshop on ec2 hosting during a techtue

parent 4d021ef8
startdate: 2018-12-17
starttime: "19:00"
linktitle: "hosting on Amazon EC2"
title: "hosting on Amazon EC2"
price: ""
image: "techtuesday.png"
eventtype: "Workshop"
location: "HSBXL"
A bunch of people have expressed an interest in a base explanation of hosting sites and services in Amazon ec2 instances
so we will have an hour or 2 looking at the different base components.
We will be looking at
* ec2 instances (classic virtual machines)
* rds instances (used to host databases)
* ELB load balancing between machine
* security groups
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