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startdate: 2021-09-18
starttime: "10:00"
endtime: "19:00"
linktitle: "Software Freedom Day 2021"
title: "Software Freedom Day 2021"
price: "Free"
image: "sfd"
series: "SFD"
eventtype: "workshops & talks"
location: "HSBXL"
During Software Freedom Day, we'll be celebrating the merits of Free software (free as in Freedom, we ask you to pay for your beer)
Details on the program will follow.
What can you expect?
* Love to get hands-on? Maybe a workshop on creating a design for the lasercutter...
* Prefer to geek out? A deep understanding of some esoteric communications protocol?
* Maybe your talk here?
linktitle: "Software Freedom Day"
title: "Software Freedom Day"
image: "sfd"
A get together with kids, teens and parents to work on tech projects and learn new stuff.
## Upcoming events
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## Past events
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