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Cleaning up the SFD program

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......@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ During Software Freedom Day, we'll be celebrating the merits of Free software (f
These are already confirmed: (timeslots can change)
* 13:00 Either a talk on Gemimi protocol or (my) Qiuy 'Recursive Modelling Language' (Jonny)
* 14:00 Open Streetmaps Belgium: intro into OSM.
* 15:00 Kai: FreeCAD 101 - the non-expert intro.
* 16:00 Yorik: FreeCAD (eating your own dogfood)
* 14:00 Hands-on introduction to Open Streetmaps (OSM Belgium).
* 15:00 FreeCAD 101 - the non-expert intro (Kai)
* 16:00 FreeCAD -eating your own dogfood (Yorik)
* 17:00 Using Inkscape to make a design on the GlowForge (laser cutter) (Jurgen)
* 19:00 Setting up OBS to record an event (this setup will be used on the day itself too) (Wouter)
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