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Added workshop on KiCAD

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startdate: 2021-09-14
starttime: "19:00"
endtime: "20:30"
linktitle: "How I made my first PCB in KiCAD"
title: "How I made my first PCB in KiCAD"
price: "Free"
series: "electronics"
eventtype: "members"
location: "HSBXL"
image: "pcb.png"
KiCAD is an open source application to develop schematics and designing the PCB.
Sharing my first experiences with the program and made a simple Arduino shield (works for Raspberry Pi hat too).
Let's share knowledge together.
linktitle: "Electronics - some basic stuff"
title: "Electronics - some basic stuff"
Lots of things to be said and done about electronics. Trying to figure them out in ad hoc events...
## Upcoming events
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## Past events
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