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## Test environments
* local OS X install, R 3.4.1 (clang)
* ubuntu 14.04 (on travis-ci), oldrel, release & devel
* local OS X install, R 3.6.1
* ubuntu 14.04 (on travis-ci), R 3.6.1
* win-builder (devel and release)
* AppVeyor
## R CMD check results
0 errors | 0 warnings | 0 notes
Fix per note from CRAN regarding
checks failing: htmltidy C[++]
code has been updated and examples
that required internet access to
successfully complete have been
re-worked to use the system.file()
package example files.
0 errors | 0 warnings | 1 note
Also switched to lettting Rcpp create
the registration code vs the self-
generated one that was in the
(now removed) init.c.
* This is a new release.
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