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......@@ -184,6 +184,7 @@ For these reasons, the data must be considered **as indicators, rather than abso
[2] [Land Use and Cover Area frame Survey](, Eurostat, 2015
## How to cite
Simon Pezzutto, Stefano Zambotti, Silvia Croce, Pietro Zambelli, Giulia Garegnani, Chiara Scaramuzzino, Ramón Pascual Pascuas, Alyona Zubaryeva, Franziska Haas, Dagmar Exner (EURAC), Andreas Müller (e‐think), Michael Hartner (TUW), Tobias Fleiter, Anna‐Lena Klingler, Matthias Kühnbach, Pia Manz, Simon Marwitz, Matthias Rehfeldt, Jan Steinbach, Eftim Popovski (Fraunhofer ISI) Reviewed by Lukas Kranzl, Sara Fritz (TUW) Hotmaps Project, D2.3 WP2 Report – Open Data Set for the EU28, 2018
## Authors
Chiara Scaramuzzino <sup>*</sup>
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