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A simple Python script to clean up banking statements exported from UniCredit Bank as CSV.

The initial goal is to produce a valid CSV that can be usefully imported into Skrooge.

The script is tested on UniCredit Bank Slovenia, but likely other UniCredit banks use the same online banking solution.


It currently works and shouldn’t destroy any data (no guarantees, of course!) – it takes the CSV as you download it from the UniCredit online bank and outputs a CSV that you can import into Skrooge.

Tested on UniCredit Slovenia’s (as of 2016, new) online bank for normal current accounts and for MasterCard. More tests to come.

NB: This scripts assumes that you named your accounts the same both in Skrooge and your online bank.


The script takes export.csv as you obtain it from the UniCredit online bank and produces a for_import_in_Skrooge.csv file that you can import into Skrooge.

Simply run in the same folder as your export.csv resides in.


This script is licensed under the GPL-3.0+ and uses SPDX license identifiers.

*SPDX: Software Package Data Exchange