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Obviously you need the mighty Z-Shell installed, but that is why you are reading this, is it not?

The new version also depends on the Oh My ZSH! collection. But you do not need to worry about that, as it is included in the installation process.


  1. Download this repository by pulling it like this (I prefer the .zsh directory, but you can use whatever you want):

    cd ~
    git clone git@gitorious.org:hook-dot-files/zsh.git .zsh
  2. Download the Oh My ZSH! collection, which resides in submodule of this repository (substitute .zsh with your directory):

    cd ~/.zsh/oh-my-zsh
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  3. Make the new zshrc file the default (if needed before that migrate the content of the existing one into .zsh/custom):

    ln -s ~/.zsh/zshrc ~/.zshrc
  4. Log into a fresh Z-Shell and be amazed!


My install works just like any other Oh My ZSH! repository with just a few differences:

  • the custom directory resides in .zsh/custom (instead of .zsh/oh-my-zsh/custom, so I can track it individually;
  • zlogin and zlogout scripts that run when you log into or out of your Z-Shell;
  • a custom theme called hook;
  • (soon) a few custom plugins (e.g. for ConTeXt).

Other than that, just refer to Oh My ZSH!’s documentation.

I will try to upstream all of my customisations, so this list will hopefully get smaller instead of bigger in the future.