My personal website: https://hugo.barrera.io.

My Website

Shared for anyone curious that stumbles by, this repository contains my personal website. It's now based on Jekyll, which makes the code stupidly simple. Deployment is handled via a git-hook which runs jekyll+rsync.

If you find any bugs, typos, or room for improvement, please open an issue (or send me a patch, if you're willing!).


Certificate renewal is done via certbot:

certbot certonly --preferred-challenges dns-01 --authenticator manual --domain hugo.barrera.io --manual-public-ip-logging-ok


I don't expect many to be interested in the design used here (being relatively simple), but both it, and the content written are both licensed under the CC-BY licence.
The little source code that's here present is licensed under the 2-clause BSD licence (see LICENCE).

The code highlight theme is native from here, and is public domain.

Copyright © 2013-2017 Hugo Osvaldo Barrera, hugo@barrera.io