Verified Commit b950e31e authored by Henrik Lissner's avatar Henrik Lissner
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Bump :core

bbatsov/projectile@588692a -> bbatsov/projectile@56e18fc
ideasman42/emacs-undo-fu-session@35d4cf37 -> ideasman42/emacs-undo-fu-session@b808ef0c
ideasman42/emacs-undo-fu@8c461a00 -> ideasman42/emacs-undo-fu@0c34b674
koral/gcmh@9e241e0a -> koral/gcmh@b1bde508
spudlyo/clipetty@fda5a80 -> spudlyo/clipetty@7ee3f9c
parent aa2096e0
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
;; core.el
(package! auto-minor-mode :pin "17cfa1b548")
(package! gcmh :pin "9e241e0a9f")
(package! gcmh :pin "b1bde50891")
;; core-ui.el
(package! all-the-icons :pin "f6cbb51c15")
......@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@
;; on a potato.
:recipe (:host github :repo "hlissner/emacs-so-long")
:pin "ed666b0716")
(package! undo-fu :pin "8c461a00a0")
(package! undo-fu-session :pin "35d4cf3771")
(package! undo-fu :pin "0c34b6747e")
(package! undo-fu-session :pin "b808ef0cdc")
(package! ws-butler
;; Use my fork of ws-butler, which has a few choice improvements and
;; optimizations (the original has been abandoned).
......@@ -37,10 +37,10 @@
(unless IS-WINDOWS
(package! clipetty
:recipe (:host github :repo "spudlyo/clipetty")
:pin "fda5a80cf4"))
:pin "7ee3f9c52f"))
;; core-projects.el
(package! projectile :pin "588692ad56")
(package! projectile :pin "56e18fcefa")
;; core-keybinds.el
(package! general :pin "14ad4c888b")
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