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    Update to v106r46 release. · 0c557960
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - bsnes, higan: simplified make output; reordered rules
      - hiro: added Window::set(Minimum,Maximum)Size() [only implemented in
        GTK+ so far]
      - bsnes: only allow the window to be shrunk to the 1x multiplier size
      - bsnes: refactored Integral Scaling checkbox to {Center, Scale,
        Stretch} radio selection
      - nall: call fflush() after nall::print() to stdout or stderr [needed
        for msys2/bash]
      - bsnes, higan: program/interface.cpp renamed to program/platform.cpp
      - bsnes: trim ".shader/" from names in Settings→Shader menu
      - bsnes: Settings→Shader menu updated on video driver changes
      - bsnes: remove missing games from recent files list each time it is
      - bsnes: video multiplier menu generated dynamically based on largest
        monitor size at program startup
      - bsnes: added shrink window and center window function to video
        multiplier menu
      - bsnes: de-minimize presentation window when exiting fullscreen mode
        or changing video multiplier
      - bsnes: center the load game dialog against the presentation window
        (important for multi-monitor setups)
      - bsnes: screenshots are not immediate instead of delayed one frame
      - bsnes: added frame advance menu option and hotkey
      - bsnes: added enable cheats checkbox and hotkey; can be used to
        quickly enable/disable all active cheats
      - hiro/Windows: `SW_MINIMIZED`, `SW_MAXIMIZED `=> `SW_MINIMIZE`,
      - hiro/Windows: add pMonitor::workspace()
      - hiro/Windows: add setMaximized(), setMinimized() in
      - bsnes: call setCentered() after setMaximized(false)
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