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    Update to v106r48 release. · 393c2395
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
    The problems with the Windows and Qt4 ports have all been resolved,
    although there's a fairly gross hack on a few Qt widgets to not destruct
    once Application::quit() is called to avoid a double free crash (I'm
    unsure where Qt is destructing the widgets internally.) The Cocoa port
    compiles again at least, though it's bound to have endless problems. I
    improved the Label painting in the GTK ports, which fixes the background
    color on labels inside TabFrame widgets.
    I've optimized the Makefile system even further.
    I added a "redo state" command to bsnes, which is created whenever you
    load the undo state. There are also hotkeys for both now, although I
    don't think they're really something you want to map hotkeys to.
    I moved the nall::Locale object inside hiro::Application, so that it can
    be used to translate the BrowserDialog and MessageDialog window strings.
    I improved the Super Game Boy emulation of `MLT_REQ`, fixing Pokemon
    Yellow's custom border and probably more stuff.
    Lots of other small fixes and improvements. Things are finally stable
    once again after the harrowing layout redesign catastrophe.
      - ICD::joypID should be set to 3 on reset(). joypWrite() may as well
        take uint1 instead of bool.
      - hiro/Qt: remove pWindow::setMaximumSize() comment; found a
        workaround for it
      - nall/GNUmakefile: don't set object.path if it's already set (allow
        overrides before including the file)
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