Commit 00684d2c authored by Screwtape's avatar Screwtape

Document that the repo has moved.

The unofficial higan and bsnes repository
Once, this repository was the place
to track the development of the higan console emulator
and related projects.
This repository is no longer updated,
development has moved to official repos:
contains history of higan the multi-system emulator,
previously the `old-master` branch of this repo
contains the history of bsnes the SNES-focused emulator,
previously the `bsnes-v107` branch of this repo
This repo's `master` branch contains only this README.
The former contents of the `master` branch
(the history of higan)
is available as the `old-master` branch.
Official resources
- [higan homepage](
- [higan git repo](
- [bsnes homepage](
- [bsnes git repo](
Unofficial resources
- [Unofficial forum](
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