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    Update to v106r68 release. · 3159285e
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - nall: converted range, iterator, vector to 64-bit
      - added (very poor) ColecoVision emulation (including Coleco Adam
      - added MSX skeleton
      - added Neo Geo Pocket skeleton
      - moved audio,video,resource folders into emulator folder
      - SFC heuristics: BS-X Town cart is "ZBSJ" [hex_usr]
    The nall change is for future work on things like BPA: I need to be able
    to handle files larger than 4GB. It is extremely possible that there are
    still some truncations to 32-bit lurking around, and even more
    disastrously, possibly some -1s lurking that won't sign-extend to
    `(uint64_t)0-1`. There's a lot more classes left to do: `string`,
    `array_view`, `array_span`, etc.
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