Commit b6c415c3 authored by Peter Pentchev's avatar Peter Pentchev

No need to ignore the result of "rm -f" :)

parent 647a523f
......@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@ Change log for hexer, the multi-view binary editor
our own strerror() function if needed
- clean up the header files:
- remove "extern" before the function prototypes
- allow the user to override most of the Makefile variables
- clean up the Makefile:
- allow the user to override most of the variables
- no need to ignore the result of "rm -f" :)
- the last version released by Sascha Demetrio <>
......@@ -112,22 +112,17 @@ depend: *.c *.h
-touch depend
-rm -f $(HEXER)
-rm -f $(MYC)
-rm -f gen_testfile
-rm -f $(OBJECTS)
-rm -f tags
-rm -f core
-rm -f *.bak
rm -f $(HEXER) $(MYC) gen_testfile $(OBJECTS) bin2c
rm -f helptext.c TESTFILE
rm -f tags core *.bak
distclean: clean
-rm -f Makefile~
rm -f Makefile~
sed '/\#\#\# DO NOT DELETE THIS LINE \#\#\#/q' \
< Makefile > Makefile~
-echo >> Makefile~
echo >> Makefile~
mv -f Makefile~ Makefile
-rm -f depend
rm -f depend
install: all
@{ echo installing $(HEXER) in $(BINDIR); \
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