Commit 02f9a4a2 authored by jgrosseo's avatar jgrosseo

fix in RAA analysis

parent c77dea3c
......@@ -51,7 +51,8 @@ namespace Rivet {
// needed since centrality does not make any difference here. However,
// in some cases in this analysis the binning differ from each other,
// so this is easy-to-implement way to account for that.
std::string namePP = _histNch[PBPB][ihist]->name() + "-pp";
std::string namePP = mkAxisCode(ihist+1,1,1) + "-pp";
// The binning is taken from the reference data
book(_histNch[PP][ihist], namePP, refData(ihist+1, 1, 1));
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