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Brief on custom display numbers in usage.

See merge request Remmina/Remmina!1902
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.Dd July 29, 2018
.Dd September 2, 2019
.Dt remmina-gnome 1
......@@ -9,7 +9,16 @@
This script is part of the Remmina kiosk mode.
If you have a freedesktop compliant Login Manager, a Remmina Kiosk mode will be
added in the list of the available sessions.
Ports from the range 5901-5999 map directly to VNC displays numbered 1-99.
For example, to connect to server at to the screen :1, in the
address field we simply write the IP address
To connect to display number :2 we may refer to the display number by writing
the address as Another way is to refer to the port by specifying
the address as
.Xr remmina 1
.An Antenore Gatta Aq Mt
.An Antenore Gatta Aq Mt
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